Habitat for Humanity ReStore Rehab

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Thanks to Rotary contributing over 400 person-hours, the  following items were accomplished at Habitat:


1.  Modify various shelves by cutting in half and reconfiguring

2.  Remove glass tops from above shelving

3.  Move several electrical outlets and wiring.

4.  Remove various outlets in walls and ceiling

5.  Identify breakers and match to outlets and lights

6.  Reconfigure outlets and make adapters for checking out clothes dryers

7.  Construct three dividers

8.  Cover utility chase in floor to prevent falling injuries

9.  Convert two drafting tables to flat tables

10. Block off vents in back room to keep heat in

11. Remove existing sink

12. Install shut off valve to isolate plumbing in Habitat building

13. Install new sink and modify plumbing to fit

14. Open up two doorways and construct two new ones

15. Remove 5 doors

16. Install 7 doors

17. Identify phone lines and install special intercom phone system

18. Construct new shelving in various rooms

19. Miscellaneous dry wall work

20. Miscellaneous painting

21. Move computer systems to new building and convert to wireless

22. Create window in office to view middle of building

23. Graded parking lot entrance

24. Move various shelving and display cases into position

25. Installed a wall safe

26. Helped move various items from old to new store including the work trailer

27. Installed a motion detector security light

28. Increased the net profit of all the restaurants in a 5 mile radius


The following club members participated:

Jim Berry  – Constructed dividers – Some of which are straight.  He also reminded us that if it can’t be fixed with a hammer, it’s an electrical problem!

Doug Carmichael – Computers – Not saying it’s his fault, but coincidentally, there were statewide computer crashes

Wyatt Cutler – Incorrectly estimated building material needs

Tim Fowler  – As directed due to having no useful skills whatsoever

Marc Kaplan – In addition to his other work, was continuously getting high.  Atop the ladders, that is

Bill Manger – Worked on just about everything, but mostly known for the taping and painting to hide our mistakes.  He also installed the hidden wall

safe.  Which reminds me – the Habitat staff is still looking for it.  Has anyone seen it

Joe Mattea – Excellent ladder holder, took photos and brought the bull horn which enabled me to talk even louder

Chris Matthewson – Did not burn the building down with wiring jobs.  However there are rumors of massive county wide blackouts

Hugh Midgette – Hung doors straight as opposed to the rest of us

John Mitchell – Constructed walls and dividers – Some of which are still standing

Sam Myers – Various and sundry including grading driveway and moving the Habitat work trailer to the new site without a GPS

George Steenson – Walls & shelves (Marine – We had to explain how clocks & hammers work)

Joe Valinoti  – Walked around with clipboard barking orders and almost caused a total loss of water pressure within a two mile radius

Ed Yodlowski – Various items including trying to keep Chris from causing any of the above electrical problems


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